My name is Sarah, I am French.
I studied fine arts in France, it was an opportunity to explore different ways of creation, different ways of drawing, and to discover my passion for illustration.
In 2013 I moved to Berlin and started working on my illustrations. My favourite technics are china-ink, markers and coloured pencils.
Printing techniques are very important to me, I love screen-printing, risograph-printing and am always excited and seeking new ones.


I am a cinema lover, book-eater and a poetry freak. I love black and white, strong colours, bold outlines, bold words, powerful words, the ones that get in your dreams, the ones that make you think deeper, soft words, love words, love stories, sad stories, nouvelle-vague movies, iconic actresses, iconic poets, Jacques Prévert, Jacques Brel, Paul Eluard, Serge Gainsbourg, Allen Ginsberg, William Faulkner, Jim Jarmush, Wes Anderson, Albert Camus and most of all I love jumping from idea to idea, over and over again.


This is how I get inspiration for my drawings.